The Power of Pure Magnetism

A collection of multi-sensory components harmoniously blended together to create a player experience that is both memorable and entertaining. One of the machine's most striking details is its signature holographic side lighting feature, to grab attention from every angle.


Larger than ever before, Concerto houses not one but two hypnotic edge-to-edge monitors, which amplify symbols, boost color, and add an extra element of irresistible fun.


An industry first, Concerto's DynamicDash button panel transforms digital gameplay into an engaging, sensory experience. With just the right mixture of video, LCD, and responsive buttons that react to the touch, the difference between Concerto and other cabinets is undeniably tangible.


With unique, holographic lighting that's engineered to attract, not distract, Concerto simply won't go unnoticed. Its distinctive luminosity will, however, enhance the player's visual experience.


From top to bottom, Concerto's smooth, modern surface is the deepest shade of black. That's because this cabinet is optimized to turn traditional gameplay into an entirely cinematic affair, drawing players in with an instinctive ease.


A rainbow of vibrant colors in rotating hues of red, blue, green, purple and yellow outline Concerto's sleek body, and synchronize to the beat of each game.


KP3+ takes everything you love about the original board, then turns things up a notch. With new premium game titles, enhanced processing speed, higher resolution graphics output, and enriched sound, KP3+ isn't just a plus. It's the platform you absolutely need on your floor.


All KP3 base games and Extended ROMs are playable on the Concerto cabinet.



We call it the Podium, but you'll be left speechless...

That's because the focus groups we conducted weren't. Utilizing the feedback from avid slot players, we enlisted renowned firm Stuart Karten Design to bring to fruition the players' input. The result is an amazing culmination of sights, sounds, ergonomics and innovation. The Podium is currently available with all K2V® and KP3® video game titles.

A slim cabinet with a depth of only 15"

22" dual touch screen LCDs

Ergonomic button panel

Unique lighting effects surrounding machine

Compatible with most KONAMI extended ROM progressive products


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Podium KP3


Podium Goliath



For players who dream big, we made a machine to match.

The Podium Goliath™ takes all the same player-exciting features as the original Podium to completely new heights. Colossal sound, monumental 32" dual high-definition LCD displays, and 360° attract lighting that's practically astronomic. That's what we call big fun.

32" dual touch screen LCDs

Ergonomic button panel

Unique lighting effects surrounding machine

Compatible with most K2V and KP3 video titles



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A completely new slant in gaming

Introducing a completely new slant on one of our greatest cabinets - Podium® Slant. Featuring even more bells and whistles like vertical and horizontal lighting, upgraded sound capabilities, high-definition graphics, footrests, wrist pads and interactive bonus buttons, players will definitely lean its direction. So go ahead. Slant fun and revenue in your favour.

22" dual touch screen LCDs

Vertical displays provide seamless video & utilize Real-Time 3D

Unique synchronized lighting effects surround machine

Easy to access internal hardware components for service

Compatible with K2V® and KP3® Video Platforms


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Podium Slant


Podium Goliath



A bright pillar of success

The Podium® Monument is a tribute to its extremely successful predecessors with a focus on creating an entirely new experience. It features a KP3® high definition 32" vertical top box with full-face perimeter attract lighting that even synchronizes with game play. Combined with a 22" touch-screen LCD for the best game, this uniquely designed, duo-display platform will undoubtedly become a bright pillar of success.

22" Touch Screen LCD for Base Game

Quick Strike Quad 4-Level Stand Alone Progressive Option

Attract mode lighting in the top box

Compatible with Most KP3® Video Game Titles


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Break the convention with a funnovative fusion

Rapid Revolver breaks convention with a funnovative fusion of two distinct gaming concepts into one dynamic cabinet – high-def video reel game content with six vertically-mounted cyclonic spinning reels in an over-sized top box – taking thrills and engagement multiple levels above ordinary platforms.
Packed with multiple features including a synchronized and highly experiential lighting display that links the video reels and top box experience, the Rapid Revolver series from Konami takes the exciting thrill to new heights setting another high bar for amusement in the gaming industry.

22" LCD Hi-Def Screen

6 Vertically-mounted Cyclonic Reels

Synchronized experiential lighting

Attention-grabbing cabinet design


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Rapid revolvert